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Outdoor Portrait Option

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Outdoor headshot photography

If you are looking for a more casual, relaxed or approachable feel to your portrait, outdoor portraits may be the perfect fit. Weather permitting we can find a park or street near your home or office and take your portrait there. The background can be either blurred or in focus to give you the image that you want. Blurred backgrounds focus on you the subject more. In-focus backgrounds give more texture behind you, and the image will have more depth.

Professional portrait with bokeh

Are you having a hard time deciding? Most people order both a backdrop portrait and an outdoor portrait. Outdoor portraits are great for Facebook & Instagram with a corresponding backdrop portrait for LinkedIn or websites. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us so we can make recommendations depending on your industry and location.

Black and white outdoor portrait

Please note when booking your portrait, if you would like to book both an outdoor portrait and a portrait with a backdrop both options must be added to your cart. Additional time and second set up is required and this must be booked ahead to ensure the proper equipment is available for your portrait.

Outdoor linkedIn headshot

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