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Posing Guidance

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Posing guidance

You've seen the photos before, the awkward uncomfortable smiles, forced and contrived posture. You probably have connections on LinkedIn who have portraits or profile photos like this. This is the hallmark of an inexperienced photographer. Proper posing requires a lot of expertise.

In 2014 Coco Rocha released a book called ‘Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha’, although she did very well with sales, it is extremely rare that anyone we meet has even heard of this book. Most our customers are not models, it’s not expected, and we understand that. It takes a lot of muscular control to pull off most poses comfortably and naturally, even simple ones. This is where many portrait photographers go wrong.

With we guide you through posing in a simple, effective way, ensuring you are comfortable and confident, we want you to look like yourself. We offer a live preview so you can see how your photos are looking and if there are aspects you would like to change. Our experienced photographers ensure you will get your best corporate headshot ever.

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