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Professional Lighting Setup for Your Corporate Headshots

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Professional lighting setup

Lighting is one of the key elements that make our portraits stand out. We often hear that they look professional natural and effortless. It seems like effortless is easy to achieve, but that is certainly not the case. If you have ever seen an impromptu selfie or group photo, shot with a cellphone or point and shoot camera, you will know that a great photo isn’t as easy as it looks.

Our photographers are trained and updated continuously on lighting. Our goal is to make each image captured the best it can be. Without proper lighting, it would be impossible, and we would have to rely heavily on retouching. We often hear from clients that their image looks photoshopped as the live preview upload to the preview monitor!

We bring the quality of an in-studio portrait to you with our mobile studio set up. Our equipment is updated regularly to ensure that it is up to the task with creating the lighting styles that we are after, and suitable for the spaces we shoot in. We also adjust the equipment for the type of portrait we are taking, and the setup required. This ensures our photographers are able to produce magazine quality images.

We can offer this custom-tailored lighting because our photographers are some of the industry’s best with years of experience and training. Unlike most photographers offering business portraits, our photographers are highly accomplished and have extensive experience with creating images for magazines like Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair. So superior magazine quality is what we know, and we bring it straight to your home or office.

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