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Retouched High-Res Image(s)

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Retouched high res image

Editing images is a highly involved process, and it takes a highly experienced retoucher to know what should and shouldn't be edited. Our professional retouchers are experienced in polishing your photos in a way that looks natural.
Many inexperienced photography services produce images that are overly edited, too softened or entirely unedited. Our goal is to have you look your best, and for your real-life self be expressed so when a customer or employer meets you for the first time they recognize you from your photo. We can do anything imaginable with our editing but that doesn't mean it should be done.

Your final selected image(s) come with our complimentary basic retouching package. The following is included:

  • Blemish removal
  • Reduction in under-eye bags
  • Teeth whitening
  • Shine reduction
  • Slight slimming
  • Slight fly away reduction
  • Colour accuracy
  • Final Crop to allow for maximized space for marketing.
Anything additional will require our advanced retouching package add on which is custom-tailored to your request (ex. Hair colour change, limb replacement etc.). You will note that there is no lighting editing listed because we are very accurate with our lighting to ensure the best possible quality.
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