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Headshot Photographer at Greybrook Realty Partners Toronto Office

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On Wednesday our headshot photographer made his way back to Greybrook Realty Partners Toronto Office to photograph their Private Capital Markets Senior Vice President Brandon & Investor Services Senior Vice President Jade. We have been...

Corporate Headshots with Opencare and How We Tackle Large Groups

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To round out this very busy week, we sent our top headshot photographer to meet back with Opencare at their Toronto office. Their background choice was ‘less white C1’. This is the second time we...

Corporate Headshots with a Toronto Office View

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This past Wednesday, our corporate photographer, headed to Toronto to photograph three consultants of Owens MacFadyen Group at their office. Their setup of choice was the in-focus background on location. Their office has a fantastic...

Corporate Headshots at a Toronto Home

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On Saturday, our corporate headshot photographer headed to the Toronto home of BlackBerry's Product Manager; her setup of choice was a white backdrop. We were able to accommodate her booking on short notice after another...

Headshot Photography for All Type of Companies in Oakville

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Last Monday our corporate headshot photographer headed the Oakville office of Up Cannabis** to photograph their 14 board members. They selected the white backdrop setup. It was a pleasure to work with this Board of...