Glossary of Terms

Glossary of terms

Archived Images – The digital storage of images for later access, typically stored in a secure online cloud or database for retrieval when needed.

Backdrop Setup – The process of setting up a seamless background behind the subject to create a uniform, professional appearance, often accompanied by professional lighting equipment.

Booking Page – The online platform used to schedule and confirm portrait appointments efficiently and conveniently.

Corporate Headshot – A high-quality, professional photograph that showcases an individual's personality and professionalism, typically used for business purposes.

Executive Lighting – A specialized lighting technique that creates dramatic shadows and graded lighting on the subject, emphasizing their facial features and conveying a sense of authority.

File Format – The standardized method of encoding information for storage in a computer file. Photographs are saved as digital files in various formats, with JPEG being the most popular format for receiving images. RAW format files require processing before use.

Gradient Lighting – A lighting effect achieved with specialized lights on seamless backgrounds, creating a smooth transition from dark to light tones in the background.

High Res Images – Digital images composed of a high density of pixels, providing sharp detail and clarity for professional use.

Innovator Lighting – A specialized lighting technique that creates dynamic separation between the subject and the backdrop, highlighting the individual and adding depth to the image.

Live Preview – A real-time display of images captured during the photoshoot, enabling immediate review and adjustments as needed.

Mobile Studio – A customized portable kit designed to produce high-quality photographs in any location, replicating the results achieved in a professional studio setting.

No Backdrop Blurred – A photographic style that omits the use of a backdrop and blurs the background to emphasize the subject.

No Backdrop in Focus – A photographic style that excludes a backdrop and keeps the entire scene in focus, providing context and visual interest.

On-Location – Refers to a photoshoot conducted at a specified address outside of the photographer's studio.

Pixels – The individual units of digital data that comprise an image, typically arranged in a 2-dimensional grid to form a coherent picture.

Professional Business Portrait – A high-quality, artistic photograph that represents an individual in a setting appropriate for their trade or profession, emphasizing their expertise and professional image.

Proof Gallery – A secure online webpage displaying all the images captured during a portrait session for client review and selection.

RAW format - A minimally processed image file format containing raw data from a digital camera's image sensor, requiring further processing before use.

Retouched Images – Photographs that have been subtly edited or enhanced to improve their overall appearance and aesthetic quality.

Seamless Background – A smooth, uniform backdrop without visible seams, providing a clean and professional look for portrait photography.

Service Add Ons – Additional services requested by clients that are not included in the standard business portrait package, such as extra images, retouching, or expedited delivery.

Timeless Business Portraits – Portraits that avoid bold, distinguishing features or trends that may date the image, ensuring a classic and enduring visual representation of the subject.

Video Portraits – Moving image portraits that capture visible movement and emotion, offering a dynamic and engaging alternative to traditional still images for online marketing and promotional purposes.