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Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of terms

Archived Images – Images are stored in digital format for access at a later time.

Backdrop Setup – a seamless background will be hung behind you to fill the space around you. This may include professional light set up as well.

Booking Page – The system we use to schedule a portrait appointment.

Corporate Headshot – See professional business portrait.

File Format – A standard way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file. Photos are saved as digital files; there is a variety of file formats; the one used will depend on use. Most popular file format to receive the images is JPG, the photos we take are in RAW format, and require processing.

Gradient Colour – An effect we achieve with specialized lights on our seamless backgrounds, the effect will cause a transition on the background from dark to light.

High Res Images – High Res, also known as High-Resolution, refers to the high density of pixels that digital images are made of.

Live Preview – Our equipment set up, which allows you to see the images that were just taken in real-time.

Mobile Studio – We built a customized portable kit that allows us to produce photographs with the same great quality of a high-end studio at any type of space.

No Backdrop Blurred – not using a background of any kind, and blurring any visible space behind you.

No Backdrop in Focus – not using a background of any kind, and focusing any visible space behind you

On-Location – being at an address that is not our studio

Pixels – units of digital data that make up an image. They are typically arranged in a 2-dimensional grid.

Professional Business Portrait – Artistic photograph representation of a person in a setting that is suitable for their trade or profession.

Proof Gallery – A website page that includes all the photos from a portrait appointment.

RAW format - An image file format that contains minimally processed data from the image sensor of a digital camera.

Retouched Images – Images that received slight additions or alterations to improve aesthetics.

Seamless Background – A solid backdrop that is smooth and even without seams.

Service Add Ons – Additional requests for services that are not included in our standard business portrait package.

Timeless Business Portraits – Portraits that do not have any bold distinguishing features that allow you to date the image, for example, jewellery that was popular during a time period.

Video Portraits – Similar to business portraits, but instead of a still image, we add visible movement.

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