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Professional Business Portraits


For appointment availability, groups, video portraits or any additional questions please contact us.

White Backdrop

A clean white background allows for additional flexibility with marketing materials; this can be set up at your office, home, our studio, or any indoor space.

Colour Backdrop with Basic Lighting

With over 100 backdrop colours to chose from, this option allows your marketing materials to be eye-catching; similar to the white backdrop, this business portrait setup can also be done at any indoor location.

Backdrop Colour Options

Colour Backdrop with Gradient Lighting

We apply a unique lighting effect to our colour backdrops, this distinguishes your images, and the effect draws the eye to the subject.

Colour Backdrop with Executive Lighting

Elegantly side-lit for a dramatic and confident feel. Can be selected with any of our 100+ backdrop colours.

Colour Backdrop with Innovator Lighting

A unique and sophisticated lighting approach, creating a dynamic separation between the subject and the backdrop. Available with any of our colour backdrop options.

Blurred Background

These portraits are done on-site without a fake backdrop; we use any surroundings (your office, home, park etc.) as your background.

In Focus Background

Much like the Blurred Background Setup, these can be done anywhere; we look for the most suitable space to compliment the outfit & subject.