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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are your rates?

    You can preview our rates via our booking page. The page includes a full price breakdown through the custom settings selection for professional portraits. For all other types of photoshoots, please email us at for a custom rate.

  • Are you open? Are you taking appointments?

    Yes, we are taking appointments, and we have changed the ways we conduct our portraits to fit within Health Canada recommendations.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    1. Use our booking page and chose the settings you’d like for your portrait appointment. Once completed, click “Add to Cart”.

    2. A window will appear on your right to allow you to complete your order. This is where you can input additional information, such as what colour backdrop you wish to have (if you selected a colour backdrop). If you’d like an additional set up (backdrop, no backdrop, or an additional colour backdrop), please change the parameters, and repeat the process for each required set up before clicking “proceed to checkout and schedule”.

    3. Click “Proceed to Checkout and Schedule” this is where you fill out your contact and payment info.

    4. After you have paid, you will be taken to the calendar where you can schedule.

    5. Once the order has been processed, we will send you an email to confirm all details. Two days before the shoot, we will send you an appointment reminder.

  • How long is each appointment?

    Most people take between 10 – 15 minutes to have their portraits done. We don’t limit your time if you require more; our goal is to ensure you get the images you want and will stay as long as that takes. If you would like a backdrop setup at your location, the mobile studio system takes about 30 minutes to set up and 20 minutes to tear down.

  • Office/Home vs Photographer's Studio – What is the difference in image quality?

    There is no difference at all; our mobile studio system allows us to maintain the same high-end quality no matter where we photograph. The only benefit of a studio is that it can accommodate a larger number of people; the downfall is that you’d be required to spend more time out of your office or home.

  • Can you come to my office or home?

    Yes, we serve the Greater Toronto Area and all other surrounding cities in southern Ontario. Our mobile studio system fits in most spaces; please keep in mind that parking & locations that are over 60KM from our head office in Vaughan are considered an add on.

  • Can I still work with you if I live outside of the GTA or outside of Canada?

    Yes, please contact us, and we’ll arrange travel to your location.

  • When I order one image, do you only take one photo?

    No, we take several photos throughout the portrait appointment. We don’t limit the number of images we take; this allows us to give you different options for selection after the shoot.

  • How many photos do you take during the shoot?

    As many as it takes! We take several photos throughout the portrait appointment. We don’t limit the number of images we take; this allows us to give you different options for selection after the shoot.

  • How many images do I get with my package?

    All of our basic still image portrait packages come with one downloadable high-res image, and the fee for the session covers the photographers time, equipment reservation, and labour associated with the session itself to produce the basic package. During your portrait session we take many shots, and you will be able to select your favourites. If you would like additional images/image files these can be added to your package either at the time of booking or after you see your watermarked proofs. This is a package add-on, and complimentary basic retouching is provided for your additional images. We do not provide downloadable unedited proofs. If you would like all images from the shoot, it will be charged on a per-image basis.

  • I ordered one backdrop setup, can you bring a few colour options as well?

    Yes, please keep in mind, each additional colour setup is considered as an add on.

  • How many outfits can I wear throughout the portrait?

    Before we begin taking your photos, you can try up to four different outfits to test with the lighting setup if needed. Once started, during the portrait session, you may wear one outfit; additional outfits are considered as an add on.

  • When I order one additional image, what does it include?

    An additional image includes one other image from your portrait package with our basic retouching package. Additional requests such as different outfit, different background, different lighting setup etc. require additional time which is why they are considered an add on.

  • How often should I update my portrait?

    Most people update their portrait once a year to ensure their marketing materials don’t go out of date.

  • What kind of photo retouching is included in your portrait fee?

    The portrait fee includes our basic retouching package, consisting of minor blemishes removal, softening bags under the eyes, teeth whitening, shine reduction, slight slimming, crop & colour correction.

  • Can I book a portrait appointment a day before?

    Yes, as long as we are available. If you are looking for a photo on short notice, it may be best to give us a call before you book to ensure we have availability.

  • Can I see your schedule?

    Yes, please use our booking page; the last step will provide you with access to our availability. Alternatively, you can contact us to ensure availability before booking online.

  • What to wear?

    This will depend on your marketing materials, where the image will appear, and your target market.

    Once you confirm the day & time for your appointment via our booking page, you will receive a ‘How To Prepare Guide’ with styling advice for your business portrait.

  • How can I prepare for my business portrait?

    Once you confirm the day & time for your appointment via our booking page, you will receive a ‘How To Prepare Guide’ for your business portrait.

  • I know nothing about photography; what do these terms mean?

    Please see our glossary of terms.


  • How do I view my images and make an order?

    After the photoshoot, an online proof gallery will be sent to you with instructions on how to order the selected images. Once the order is made, the image(s) will be processed, and high-res file(s) will be emailed to you.

  • Can you remove blemishes?

    Yes, fixing minor issues and removing minor blemishes is included in your portrait fee.

  • Can I get my edited image the same/next day?

    In most cases, yes. This will also depend on your retouching requirements and exact turnaround times. Any turnaround time requested under seven days is considered as a rush service which is an add on.

Video Portraits

  • What are video portraits?

    Unlike still images, video portraits are a moving image portrait. Video portraits allow new dynamics in your marketing when utilizing online platforms. You can see a sample of our video portraits in our portfolio.

  • How can I order a video portrait?

    Please contact us via our contact page or email us at

  • When I order & schedule a business portrait via the website, will I receive a video portrait?

    The online booking system is for still image photography only. You can get a video portrait at the same time as your still portraits. The video portraits require a different setup, so this must be scheduled in advance and is considered an add on.

  • What are the video portraits rates?

    Video portraits are quoted on a case by case basis, as it’s technical requirements are far more complex. To get a quote, please contact us via our contact page or email us at

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