Mobile Business Portrait Photo Studio in Pickering

Photo studio

On Monday, our portrait photographer brought our signature mobile photo studio to the Pickering home of Nallanie, a Leadership coach to update her personal marketing materials. Her setup selected was the white backdrop. It was a pleasure to work with Nallanie, and we were excited to be a part of this new journey and getting her setup with the high-quality professional imaging she needs to put her best foot forward in her new business.

Small businesses often have a tough uphill battle when they are starting out and as they build their client base in the first critical months. As a new business, you are not only stepping into a new market, but you have to compete with those who are well established. Attracting clients and ensuring they know you are serious is a tough job and proper marketing materials play a big role. Having high-quality business portraits is a great first step to reflect your professionalism and commitment to quality. With our magazine quality and speedy service, we are here to get you on your path to success. Book your portrait today.

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