Professional Headshot Photography for a Management Consultant

Professional headshot photographer

To finish off February, our professional headshot photographer was in Toronto to take business headshots of a Voorheis & Co. LLP Management Consultant. His background choice was neutral grey, one of our most popular colour background choices. All of the grey tones make for a distinguished and classic background option, it also makes it easier to select what colours you will be sporting for your portrait as it is a neutral option.

Choosing what to wear and what goes with your background colour selection can sometimes be daunting, because of this, we printed our business cards to match our backdrop offerings. At present, we have 100+ backdrop options to choose from. If you are looking for a conservative start, we suggest booking a neutral colour like a grey, white or cream. If you are looking to update in the future with a bolder background we can provide you with a business card to match your desired colour; you can use this to help you coordinate your clothing for the day of your business headshot.

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