Bold Professional Corporate Headshots in your Office

Bold professional corporate headshots in your office

Our professional corporate headshot photographer headed to our client's office in Newmarket for a double set up to start out the month. She selected the executive lighting against both tulip and blue jay backgrounds. The executive lighting setup adds depth and drama; along with the distinguished blue jay colour and punchy tulip, you get bold and eye-catching portraits.

Professional corporate headshots

One of our favourite ways to set clients apart is bright and saturated background hues. With the right approach, any colour can be professional and set you a head apart in your marketing. We often find that bold colours attract the eye and engage viewers on online platforms. So, if you are looking to engage with your online audience and grab their attention, you can select from one of our 100+ colours and maximize the effect with our premium lighting packages. To book your package, head on over to our booking page or send us an email if you have any questions.

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