What Makes a Great Professional Headshot

Professional headshots

On Tuesday, our professional headshot photographer headed to the Mississauga Office of Allemano Group Ltd to photograph Michael, an industrial sales recruiter. His setup of choice was the plum background. The plum background gives his images an elegant touch.

Many of my clients ask what makes a great portrait? From a photography standpoint, it comes down to light, the surroundings, composition, and subject.

Each of our photographers has spent years studying how light affects the mood and feel of an image, and how light needs to be changed depending on circumstance. This is broken down into the artistic and technical aspects, using light to construct a certain appearance and building that look with professional equipment. Without this, we would not be able to accomplish the level of consistency we pride ourselves in. This is the strong foundation that we build our success on.

The setup and surroundings play a significant role in determining what your end portrait will look like and how it will feel; we offer such an extensive range. We offer two variants of no backdrop options being blurred or in focus, white backdrop, over 100 colour backdrops, and over 100 gradient colour backdrops. This variety ensures that you will always find a match for your industry and standard. A great photo depends on what it's made for; a tech start-up will be looking for something entirely different than a lawyer, but each is made up of the same components.

Finally, being able to capture the subject confidently ensures your headshots turn out the best. Proper posing is key, and something that can go wrong very quickly when not approached correctly, which is why our photographers are trained in a non-awkward business-minded approach. We work with you to achieve a result that exceeds expectations for your industry, whether it's a super smiley, approachable feel or something more stoic.

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