Real Estate Headshots with Realtor Sheila in Mississauga

Real estate headshots

On Friday, our real estate headshot photographer headed to the Mississauga home of Right at Home Realty Inc. Realtor Sheila to update her headshots. Her setup selection was the white backdrop.

A common theme at many real estate brokerages is that their marketing is not particularly coherent. Many agents do not follow the Brokerage's colour pallet or marketing direction, and portraits vary wildly in quality and execution. We often work with larger brokerages to create unity on agent profile pages across the Brokerage's website. Also, there is a sense of consistency and unity amongst the marketing within your Brokerage when looking at each individual's personal marketing. We have two ways to ensure that all agents get their images done, the first is at-home portraits, and the second is in the office.

For at-home headshots, we can go to the preferred location of each realtor or office employee to take their photos. We bring our mobile studio set up to each location. Our expert real estate photographers ensure that each image is consistent in lighting and setup, so it looks like everything was done at the same day and time, even if there is several weeks or even a year gap in between.

For in-office headshots, we come to your brokerages' office, set up our mobile studio and rotate through each person who will be having their portrait taken. The bonus with this method is if you have more than two people to be photographed, a group discount will apply. We can easily accommodate upwards of 200 portrait sessions in a single day. Also, the more people you have, the bigger our group discount gets.

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