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Headshot Posing for Realtors

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This past Tuesday, our professional headshot photographer headed to Toronto for a portrait session with a Realtor. They selected an outdoor business headshot with a blurred background setup. With the warm weather, getting out for...

Professional Studio Photographer in Home Sessions

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Tuesday was a busy day for our headshot photographer, with 3 stops for the day. On his fifth stop he headed to the Etobicoke home of Andreas who works with Metrolinx. He selected the white...

The Best Headshot Photographers in Toronto

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Last Tuesday, our headshot photographer headed to the Toronto home of Acerus Pharmaceuticals Vice President. His selected setup was the white backdrop, which is always a classic. For those looking for something simple but eyecatching,...

Business Headshot Photography in Toronto

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On Tuesday our business headshot photographer was very busy, and for one of the days stops, he headed to Climate Innovation Capital's Toronto office for six portrait sessions. Their office selected the blurred background setup...

Professional Headshot Photographer on Location in Milton

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On Sunday, our top headshot photographer met with Sarah at her Milton home to take some white backdrop portraits. Sarah is a Senior Specialist with Corporate Social Responsibility at Economical Insurance. One of the most...