What to Wear for Your Headshot and How to Decide

What to wear for your headshots

When our headshot photographer visited Mihai, an insurance broker at MacDev Financial Group in Richmond Hill, the choice of a blurred background setup in his backyard brought out the warm, inviting essence of the natural surroundings, perfectly complementing his professional demeanour.

Choosing what to wear for a headshot is more than just picking out clothes; it's about presenting your professional identity. The attire should resonate with the backdrop and be appropriate for your industry. Mihai's choice of a navy suit against the verdant outdoor setting is a classic example of how to balance professionalism with environmental harmony.

In determining your headshot attire, consider these elements:

  1. Background Harmony: Your outfit should contrast yet harmonize with the background, as Mihai's navy suit did against the greenery of Richmond Hill's lush outdoors.
  2. Industry Norms: Observe the common trends in your field. Insurance professionals like Mihai often opt for formal wear to signify trustworthiness and reliability.
  3. Confidence Boosters: Choose attire that makes you feel confident. Confidence translates through the lens, enhancing the headshot's impact.
  4. Colour Psychology: Select colours that complement your skin tone and convey the right message. The blue hues in Mihai's attire evoke feelings of stability and trust.

Unsure of what works best for you? BusinessPortraits.ca is here to assist. With our expertise, we guide you through selecting attire that elevates your professional image, ensuring your headshot stands out.