Professional Headshot Photographer on Location in Milton

Headshots photographer

On Sunday, our top headshot photographer met with Sarah at her Milton home to take some white backdrop portraits. Sarah is a Senior Specialist with Corporate Social Responsibility at Economical Insurance.

One of the most common questions we get asked when we are setting up for portraits is, does this look okay for on camera? Usually said in a nervous/concerned tone about, hair, clothing or glasses. To help ease this worry, we take a quick test shot to ensure everything reads well and adjust as needed. We do have a few general guidelines in our complimentary how to prepare guide which goes over what to wear for your portrait session, if you should wear glasses or not, and what extra items you should have on hand just in case. If you would wear it during your day to day at the office, it’s probably okay. We find with most of our clients, thinking about how their images will turn out creates a lot of dread and uncertainty which makes it difficult to prepare or be confident in your outfit choices for the day. We promise we will help you get the best images you have ever had.

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