Business Headshot Photographer in Toronto

Business headshot photographer in toronto

To finish the month of August, our business headshot photographer headed to Robert’s Toronto home to update his headshot. Robert, a Mortgage Agent with Dominion Lending Inc, selected the blurred background option.

The blurred background option is one of two of our no-backdrop choices. They are the most versatile selections as you can customize your background depending on your location. This ensures that no one else will have the same background as you. The blurred background is precisely that; we focus on you in the image and blur out your surroundings. This leaves you with an image with you as the central focus and only the overall shapes and colours of your surroundings. In contrast, for the in-focus background, we focus on both you and the background. So, the elements in the background are in focus to a certain degree.

All our background effects are done in-camera so you will never see strange highlights or lines around our subjects or bad cut-outs. This also ensures a superior quality image. We pride ourselves in being the best in the industry. This means we do not take shortcuts like other photographers. You wouldn’t believe how many of our clients say their images look photoshopped already on the live preview. It merely comes down to our expert photographers knowing how to capture each person at their best.

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