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Professional Business Headshot Photography for LinkedIn

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Professional business headshot photography

On Saturday, our professional business headshot photographer headed to the Toronto office of Wingmate to photograph Rachel, their Customer Success & Pipeline Manager. Rachel’s setup of choice was no backdrop with a blurred background. We shot her portraits near a bright office window with a great view of the surrounding buildings.

The blurred background is an excellent choice if you would like a professional headshot, the blurred background adds character and depth to your images while keeping you the centre of attention. If you are planning to use your images for LinkedIn, it is an excellent choice, as it is professional but a bit more casual, appropriate for the social media platform.

When deciding if you should choose the blurred background set up in your office, we encourage you to consider where we will be able to photograph. If you can book a board room, office or use a hallway or vestibule that does not impede movement it is usually preferred, occasionally this is not possible. If we are going to be photographing in an open-concept office with others who are working, we kindly ask you ensure they are comfortable with the flash. While we are very quick, it can sometimes be bothersome to those with light sensitivities and certain eye, or neurological syndromes.

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