Headshot of a CI Financial Employee in Toronto

Headshot of a CI financial employee

Over the weekend, our portrait photographer headed to Toronto to take headshots of a CI Financial employee at his home. Roy chose the Fashion Grey backdrop setup. A very popular and on-trend choice for his portrait.

Choosing the backdrop for your corporate portrait can be a difficult task, and can leave you a little overwhelmed as we do have over 100 choices. The backdrop you choose can have a significant impact on the way your image feels. Bright colours attract a lot of attention in images that are used in searches (like LinkedIn), neutrals give a refined look, white is crisp and classic. If you are having a tough choice making the selection look at your company’s colour pallet, think of where you will be using your photo, and take a look around to see what your industry standard is. If you are still having a difficult time and need help choosing, we can give you a hand, feel free to send us an email!

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