Business Headshot Photography at the Ontario Securities Commission Office in Toronto

Business headshot photography

To start the new year, our business headshot photographer headed to Toronto to the Ontario Securities Commission’s Office to photograph Alex, an Accountant with the Offices of the Chief Accountant. His setup of choice was the White Backdrop.

The first quarter of the year is often hectic as many seek to refresh their personal branding marketing materials. Often this is just because the New Year is a great reminder that we are at a fresh start, or like many, they make a resolution to put more effort into their business or profession. Either way having an annual reminder to update your portrait is essential.

A lot changes in a year, from hairstyles, to trends, small signs of ageing and even weight. While you may hesitate to redo images that you already love it is important to remember you want to look like yourself, small changes do add up, and we often are blind to these changes in ourselves. By keeping your portrait current it can help your clients, or new coworkers identify you if they first “meet” you digitally. It will also give the impression that you take notice of every detail and strive to be on the ball. While it may seem like a small impression, it helps you take a step forward in building your reputation without much effort.

If you are looking to update your portrait for the new year, you can book online today.

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