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LinkedIn Profile Headshot for Toronto Students

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LinkedIn profile headshot

On our last working day of 2019, our headshot photographer headed to Toronto to photograph Scott. Scott is a student who was looking to update his LinkedIn profile to help him get a head start on the job hunt. He selected a white backdrop setup.

For students, LinkedIn may be overlooked, or a more casual approach is taken. Updating your portrait is a small step in making a huge impact to signal to future employers that you take your career seriously. To spend many months and years gaining the knowledge needed for your chosen field but to not give the impression that you are ready for the professional sector by keeping a selfie or unprofessional image is a missed step.

We often get parents, grandparents, or mentors looking for the perfect gift for a new graduate. A professional portrait is an excellent choice as it will further help them enter the job market and give them an excellent tool to put their best foot forward. If you would like to book a portrait as a gift send us an email and we can arrange a digital or hard copy gift certificate.

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