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Lawyers' Office Headshot with Lerners and How to Choose Your Backdrop

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Lawyer headshot

On Tuesday our corporate headshot photographer headed to Toronto to photograph Rebecca, a Lawyer with Lerners LLP. This is our fifth trip back to the Lerner's offices; it has always been a pleasure stopping in. Their setup of choice was once again a white backdrop.

For those in the legal profession, headshots are particularly important for your online marketing; you don't want to cut corners as nowadays many search for a lawyer via google or services such as LawyerRatingz. Having your images look clean, approachable and professional are key to showing that you are a thorough expert who doesn't cut corners and has an immaculate attention to detail. Choosing the image set up is key.

For quick biographies and about sections, we recommend either a white backdrop or a blurred background. This depends on how formal you wish to be, and they style of practice and clients you wish to attract. Blurred background images are more casual and approachable, great for those who are in family law or prefer collaborative practices such as mediation. A legal portrait against a white backdrop is ideal for those in corporate law or criminal where many are looking for someone who conveys a more transitional professional look.

For hero images on main web pages, we suggest a coloured gradient background such as grey. The gradient background gives a certain about of depth to the image that single-toned coloured backdrops do not have. In addition, we can match your background selection to your firm's colour pallet we have over 100 backdrop options to choose from and can use a close option to get an exact match during processing.

We at have extensive experience working with legal professionals and can work with you to achieve your ideal results. If you are still unsure of what would be best for your headshot, give us a call or send us a quick email.

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