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Headshot Posing for Realtors

Posted by Jacob S on

This past Tuesday, our professional headshot photographer headed to Toronto for a portrait session with a Realtor. They selected the blurred background option taken outside. With the warm weather, getting out for a portrait is...

Toronto Headshots for Business Professionals

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A few days ago, our headshot photography specialist headed to Toronto to photograph a Risk Assurance Professional at her office. Her selected setup was the blurred background setup taken indoors. A common misconception is that...

Professional Corporate Photography in Toronto

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On Thursday, our professional corporate photographer headed to Peakhill Capital’s Toronto office to photograph one of their senior associates. Their selected setup was the fashion grey gradient to match their previous photography bookings. This is...

LinkedIn Headshots in Toronto

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This past Thursday, our headshot photographer headed to one of Robert Halfs employees' Toronto home. She selected a blurred backdrop setup outdoors. The blurred background is an excellent choice for those looking for their portrait...

Best Toronto Photographers – Corporate Photography

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Last Wednesday, our Corporate Photographer headed to the Toronto office of Traynor Ridge Capital to photograph their managing director. They selected the blurred background outside their office against the brick for a great texture. One...