September's Business Portrait Photography Recap

Business portrait photography

September was a busy month, to say the least! Our best business photographer headed all over the GTA and surrounding areas for hundreds of portraits. Some of our stops included Vaughan, Etobicoke, Woodbridge, Brampton, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, and North York, just to name a few. Working with companies like TD Bank, Burns & Wilcox, Occtoo, Harry Rosen, CWB Financial Group, SICK Ltd., Shulman Lawfirm, and individuals from many professional backgrounds, such as lawyers, medical residents, realtors, publishers, sales specialists, finance professionals, and board members.

Business portrait with a white backdrop

The white backdrop and blurred background setups were the top choices for our large groups this month. Many ask us if the blurred setup is still possible for large groups and if a consistent feel is attainable across different days of shooting. With our decades of experience and approach, we can ensure consistency even when not using a printed or solid colour backdrop, provided we are in the same space. Variation can occur if you prefer a window be used as the background, as we cannot control changing sun exposure, weather or the season's change. Still, we can aim for the same feel.

On that note, With the leaves beginning to change, it is a great time to book your outdoor portraits with either the blurred or in-focus setups. We are headed toward the peak of fall foliage, which is predicted to be a spectacular display of colours this year. Seasonal portraits are an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to being current for social media and allow you to wear more on-trend colours and styles. This is an ideal approach for sales-oriented industries such as realtors.

Business portrait with an outdoor setup

To round out this recap, we will leave you with our top portrait tips for the month of October!

  • Plan ahead for outdoor portraits! Book early to time the best foliage backgrounds.
  • Get a group together – Make use of our group discount by inviting a few colleagues or friends to have their portraits done. You can make a party out of it, order lunch, and we promise to be quick with an average of 10 minutes per person.
  • Plan for humidity – Fall can be notoriously damp. Add a humidity-protectant product to your styling routine for those with longer hair to prevent hair from flattening or frizzing.
  • Aim for Jewel Tones in clothing – Warm summer tans haven't faded yet, and jewel tone clothing often complements; they stand out against the fall background, over white backdrops or neutral greys for a great pop of colour.
  • Give yourself time in the morning before portraits – Now that daylight will become a bit more scarce in the morning, and the sun rises later every day. As a result, it may take a bit longer to fully wake up and feel your best; late morning appointments can help you look your best instead of early morning appointments.
Business portrait with a blurred background

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