White Backdrop Portrait with Mobile Studio

Portrait studio

To begin the week, our corporate photographer headed to Kristen's Oakville home for some white backdrop business portraits. Kristen is a Senior Geochemist and Team Lead with Wood. Our white backdrop portraits are a popular choice for those who are unsure and want a safe and classic option. Our white backdrop portraits are done in "high-key", a technical multi-light setup. High-key lighting was initially used to improve high contrast ratios for film, but these days it is used to create modern and optimistic images.

We have designed and developed our high-key lighting system over the past 15-years to use in our mobile studio. Lighting is our specialty, which is why all of our images are consistent even though they are taken in drastically different settings. To book your white backdrop portrait, go to our booking page for a basic package, or send us an email for a custom quote with package add-ons.

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