Business Headshots with The Catalyst Capital Group Inc. and the Advantages of a Blurred Background

Professional corporate photographer

On Monday, our professional corporate photographer headed to Toronto to photograph three employees of The Catalyst Capital Group Inc. at their offices. They selected a blurred indoor background set up. It was wonderful working with this group.

Corporate photographer

One of the biggest advantages of the blurred background is time. If you have a difficult time scheduling a group of individuals in, because of their scheduling or you, have a hard time getting space booked but want to photograph at your office the blurred background is the way to go. It has a minimal set up time compared to backdrop selections which usually require about 20 minutes each of set up and tear down for our mobile studio.

Corporate photographers

If your office space has large windows or small green space (a few large potted plants or vestibule garden), it will make for an interesting background in the image.

If you would like a time estimate for how long this setup would take for your office, send us an email. Just remember we typically do not limit the time spent with each person, but we are generally able to get some phenomenal options within about 5 to 10 minutes with our expert guidance.

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