Realtor Headshots and Portrait Selection

Realtor headshots

Over the weekend, our headshot photographer headed out to Bowmanville to take headshots of two MinCom New Vision Real Estate Brokerage Inc. Realtors. Their setup of choice was the blurred indoors selection at their home.

Realtor portraits

A common question we receive before booking is how are the final images selected. After your headshot appointment, we upload all watermarked proofs to our proof gallery website. If we could narrow down selections during your appointment, these images will be highlighted for quick reference. Your proofs are usually available within two business days.



Usually, after this question comes another; do we give copies of all the proofs? Each package comes with one final, high res image with complimentary retouching. This doesn’t mean you are limited to one portrait image; additional high res images are available for $41.98 each. Nearly all our clients order an extra image or two because we can provide several excellent poses. These additional images come fully processed with complimentary retouching. You can add additional images to your package ahead of time, or this can be added after your appointment.

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