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Headshot Posing for Realtors

Posted by Jacob S on
Realtor headshot poses

This past Tuesday, our professional headshot photographer headed to Toronto for a portrait session with a Realtor. They selected the blurred background option taken outside. With the warm weather, getting out for a portrait is a great way to break up the day and enjoy the summer sun.

A common question Realtors ask us is how to pose. Posing for your photo can be quite a daunting prospect if you aren't very comfortable in front of the camera. Our professional headshot photographers will coach you during your session. We will get an idea of what you are using your photos for, what you want to look like in your photos and what message you want your photo to send to clients, employers or other agents and use that to help you pose. We give simple instructions and break down movements to ensure that you are posed correctly for your best images.

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