Professional Portrait Photography for Realtors

Professional portrait photography

Our professional portrait photographer went to Schomberg, a small town just 45-minute drive north from Toronto in Ontario, Canada, to meet yesterday with a Real Estate Agent with Master’s Choice Realty Inc Brokerage. She selected the blurred outdoors portrait package to update her personal marketing materials.

One of the things we have become known for is our ability to work with our clients in posing for professional-looking images. Unlike most headshot photographers we work exclusively with the corporate or professional sector, meaning we only create images for professionals, we do not do other types of portraits like family, wedding or engagement. This means we have unparalleled skill and experience in creating what looks good for business. Unlike our competitors, we know our clients aren’t professional models and that super weird artistically inspired movement-based posing doesn’t work, and it just makes things awkward. We have developed our posing technique to be familiar and comfortable for average business people, CEO’s and executives, and we use the language they are familiar with. To see the difference this makes book your portrait via our online booking page or email us for a customized quote for all your personal marketing needs.

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