Toronto Headshots for Business Professionals

Headshots for business professionals

A few days ago, our headshot photography specialist headed to Toronto to photograph a Risk Assurance Professional at her office. Her selected setup was the blurred background setup taken indoors. A common misconception is that the blurred background images are done with a backdrop; while it is pretty common to see fake blurred backgrounds, we firmly believe it creates a poor quality in the final image. So, we choose to do all of our blurred background effects in-camera, meaning we produce all of our effects without the need for editing. This results in a different blurred background for each client to ensure your image is truly unique. We often use cityscapes, parks, and large offices for the blurred background as each will have a distinct texture and style. If you are looking to book a blurred background photo and are unsure of where it should be taken, feel free to give us a call, and we can help you pick the right spot.

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