Vaughan Studio Portrait with Raymond

Vaughan studio portrait

On Monday Raymond came to our Vaughn Studio for a white backdrop professional portrait. He was awesome to work with, and we were able to get some fantastic shots in just a few minutes.

Many people ask if there is a difference in headshot or portrait quality whether you have your photos done at our studio, or in your home or office. With our specially designed mobile studio set up, you won’t find a difference at all! We can provide the same high-quality portraits no matter where we are taking photos. The only reason we offer in-studio services is for those who do not have access to a large enough open space, or because of difficulties booking board rooms, or for those who do not have enough time for the set up and tear down process.

If you are coming to our studio, you will most likely spend about 10 minutes. We do not limit your time and keep going until you are happy with your photos, we simply can get your best photo in an incredibly short time frame, and give you many options to choose from. This is the same as when we come to you, but we will need about 20 minutes before and after your portrait to set up and tear down our equipment. You will be impressed at how fast our photographers and assistants can transform your home or office into your personal studio.

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