Corporate Portrait for UHCN Holdings at Our Vaughan Studio

Corporate portrait at our vaughan studio

To start a busy week packed with portrait sessions, we were with Piotr, the founder and principal of UHCN Holdings at our Vaughan studio. He selected a white backdrop portrait. His classic ink pinstripe suit creates a timeless look for his corporate portrait.

On average, we have over two dozen appointments per week, with most being larger organized groups, and these usually take place away from our studio. Getting to start the week in our studio is always nice.

When you are out of the studio more often than not, as a professional headshot photographer, you have to adapt to the requirements of setting up and tearing down your equipment quite regularly and adapting to the unique lighting conditions that each office or home presents. With these particular challenges, we have learned that there isn’t always equipment that meets your needs, which is why we have specifically custom designed our own gear. Many photographers may say this might be a step too far from what is needed, but we wanted to make sure each corporate portrait comes out precisely the way it would in our studio.

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