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Company Profile Headshots with our Headshot Photographer

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Company profile headshots

Our headshot photographer headed to Enercare's Markham office to photograph three of their employees Geoff, Jon, and Tracey for a company profile update. They selected the white backdrop setup.

Company profile headshots in markham

For professional profile images used in company directories, white is an excellent choice. It is clean, simple, uniform, and puts each individual as the sole focus of the image. For companies with numerous out of province offices, it can be easier to match the images to create a singular photography style. While all of our Photographers at guarantee that we can photograph your employees across several days, months, or years, and will still produce consistent images that look like they were shot same day no matter the backdrop. The only limitation to this applies to blurred or in focus background shot outside or against a window because as much as we wish we could, we cannot control seasonal environmental changes.

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