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The Power of a Neutral White Background in Profile Photos

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Professional profile photos are an essential aspect of personal branding and play a critical role in making a strong first impression. These photos must look professional, polished and reflect the subject's credibility. In order to...

Enhancing Your Professional Profile with a White Backdrop

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Your professional image can significantly impact the impression you leave on potential clients, colleagues, and even employers. A high-quality headshot that showcases your professional appearance can help build trust and credibility with those who view...

Psychology Today Portraits for Counsellors and Therapists

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For therapists, psychotherapists, social workers, and other mental health professionals having a strong and approachable portrait for your Psychology Today profile can be critical for successful referrals. Our portrait services can help you create natural...

Updating Essential LinkedIn Profile Photos for Freelancers

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On Sunday, our LinkedIn headshot photographer headed to Toronto to photograph Chris, a freelancer. His setup of choice was the blurred background, an excellent selection for LinkedIn profiles. We understand that having your LinkedIn looking...

Corporate Profile Photo in Markham

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On Friday, our corporate photographer headed to Markham to photograph Khurram, a mortgage advisor with CIBC to update his online profiles. His setup of choice was the blurred background. An excellent option for those looking...