Psychology Today Portraits for Counsellors and Therapists

Psychology today portraits

For therapists, psychotherapists, social workers, and other mental health professionals having a strong and approachable portrait for your Psychology Today profile can be critical for successful referrals. Our portrait services can help you create natural and approachable images to convey the type of professional you are.

One of our most popular packages for mental health professionals is outdoor setups, either with an in-focus or blurred background. This portrait style can be done almost anywhere, whether it is in your office or a nearby park or at street level. Green spaces are ideal as they ground you in a natural and comfortable environment and create a calming feel. Our expert photographer can also help you locate a perfect backdrop and location if you do not have one in mind.  

While it is outside our standard package, we can help you produce an excellent introduction video for your Psychology Today profile or your website. A brief hello and statement about your approach in plain terms can help introduce you to prospective clients, and they give a feel for your way of communicating. All video services are by special request; email us or give us a call for a quote.