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Outdoor Professional Portraits in Brampton

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Our professional headshot photographer headed out to our client’s Brampton home for a blurred background setup this past Wednesday. As leaves reappear on trees after a long winter, outdoor portraits are becoming ever more popular...

Outdoor Portraits with Oakville Photographers

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On Monday, our business headshot photographer headed to the Oakville home of one of McMaster University’s Assistant Deans. His setup of choice was the blurred background taken outside. Now that the weather is getting nicer,...

Outdoor Business Portraits in Mississauga

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Last week, our business portrait photographer was in Mississauga to photograph Walmart Canada’s Senior Director, Performance Marketing & Ad Products his setup of choice was the blurred background outdoors. This is his second portrait with...

Professional Commercial Photographers in Brampton

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Last Saturday our professional portrait photographer headed to Brampton for an outdoor portrait with a Mediator. His selected setup was the blurred outdoors package; one of our most popular portrait packages at the moment. While...

Corporate Photography in Etobicoke

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To start the month, our corporate photography specialist made his way to Etobicoke for some blurred background style portraits. It is an excellent time of year for blurred or in-focus outdoor images. Over the coming...