Corporate Photography in Toronto

Toronto corporate photography

A few days ago, our corporate photographer headed to the Toronto home of a Frontier Communications employee for an updated professional portrait. Her selected setup was the neutral grey colour backdrop with gradient lighting, an excellent option for those looking for a colour backdrop with a bit more depth.

Our photography studio has seen a significant uptick in bookings lately for those who are interested in making sure their online profiles and zoom startup images look professional. As we adjust to our more digital and work from home options to conduct our meetings and appointments, there is a greater need for one or two high-quality business-minded portraits.

Our mobile in-home and in-office services still take every measure possible to ensure that our staff and clients are kept safe from illness. If you are looking to update your employee's portraits to improve your digital impression on clients as your team is working from home, we can help. We ensure that your staff all have coherent and stylistically matching portraits, and we can attend each individual's selected location. To book multiple locations, give us a call or send us an email.

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