Professional Portraits with a University of Toronto Professor and Our New Normal

Professional portrait toronto

Yesterday our professional portrait photographer headed to the Toronto home of University of Toronto professor, to update his headshots. This is our second time back to work with Ted, and as always, it was a pleasure.

We love working with our clients to update their portraits, and it is always great to see how their careers have progressed since we last worked with them. Recently given the struggles of the pandemic, it is particularly welcoming to work with familiar faces. Updating your personal marketing materials is a great way to jumpstart the new normal as digital interactions are going to be a major part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future. Having a great portrait to represent you at your best online gives you an added edge in the uncharted waters of our expended digital economy.

To protect the safety of our clients and photographers alike, we have implemented changes to our services to combat the spread of any illness and maintain the highest levels of quality in our services. The prices of most of our photography services have remained unchanged, with the exception of our in-studio services which require special attention between services. That being said, we stand by our word that the quality of our in-home, in-office, and outdoor portrait services are no different from what we do in-studio.

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