Professional Headshots at the University of Toronto

Toronto professional headshot

A few days ago, our professional headshot photographer headed to the University of Toronto campus to meet with Shana for a portrait session in her office. Shana selected the in-focus background option.

We use your surroundings for all in focus and blurred background options; we do not use paper backdrops or editing to create the effects. This gives the images a higher quality result and ensures that lighting makes sense; you don't end up with weird-looking highlights or shadows that you will often see with competing photographers' work.

Much like all of our services, we come to you; we have designed all of our equipment to fit in office spaces and have tailored our work to fit the busy professional's schedule. For our blurred or in-focus background portrait setups you can have your portrait session over within as little as 5 minutes and have dozens of incredible options to choose from; we don't waste your time or meet minimum timeframes like other studios.

Book your portrait today to see what makes us a popular choice with professors, CEOs and busy business people!

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