Group Headshots & White Backdrop Setup in Waterloo Office

Finance headshot photographer

On Wednesday, our financial portrait photographer headed to Waterloo to photograph 13 Grant Thornton employees at their office against a white backdrop and to take a group photo. This is the same setup as their last booking back in November.

Professional photographer

If you would like to compare their previous booking to this, you will notice that the images are of the same quality and look as if they were shot on the same day despite being taken two months later at a different location. Our professional photographers are exceptionally trained in our methods and technically skilled. They all have an eye for detail and the unparalleled ability to compensate for the unique conditions each office or location presents. We ensure consistency in your headshots that you will not find with any other photography service.

White backdrop setup

We take pride in having top-notch, highly professional photographers and providing consistency and excellence in every portrait we take. This is why we love working with repeat customers and large corporations, no matter when or where your images are taken, they will be consistent.

Waterloo professional photographer

Grant thornton llp employee

Waterloo office headshots

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