Top 3 Things to Consider When Hiring Photographers for Groups

Toronto portrait photographer

Last Thursday, our professional portrait photographers headed to Grant Thornton LLP's Toronto office. They selected the white backdrop setup to match previous portraits.

Professional photography in toronto

We often get asked how we handle larger groups. With our developed system, we can photograph large groups (up to 200 in a day with a single photographer) without ever sacrificing quality. Due to our extensive experience supporting each client to get their best photo, we have perfected our approach. So whether we are working with a single person or several dozen in a day, results are consistent.

If you are booking for a large group, our top 3 things to keep in mind are:

  1. Do you want specific clothing or colours to unify your staff's portraits?
  2. Scheduling can be tricky sometimes; for help figuring out if one or two days works best to get all of your staff, send us an email or call.
  3. Be sure to share our how-to-prepare guide, so everyone having portraits knows how to put their best foot forward.

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