Professional Headshots Photographer at Grant Thornton Office

Professional headshots photographer

This past Friday, our professional headshot photographer headed to Grant Thornton LLP's Etobicoke office to photograph three employees. Their setup of choice was the white backdrop option to match their two previous bookings. As always, it was a pleasure to work with their office.

To ensure you love your portrait, we offer a live preview for most of our services. This allows you to see how your images will look in real-time, which helps you to correct anything you do not like. It also allows you to pin down your favourite poses and looks, giving you the chance to get many great options to choose from.

We find the live preview takes away the anxiety many have when it comes to having their picture taken. We ensure you will not be left wondering how they turned out. Our photographers will give you some time to look through your images to see what you like and what you don’t and work with you to determine your favourites. We have yet to have a client dissatisfied with how their images turn out. You will be shocked to see how quickly we can optimize your images with our highly skilled headshot photographers. Our technical approach has a portrait session down to a science that we adapt to each of our customers.

To see the results of our approach, check out our portfolio page or Instagram.

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