Wearing Glasses During a Professional Business Headshot

Business photographer

On Tuesday, our business photographer headed back to Greybrook Realty Partners' Toronto office. We photographed their Chief Financial Officer Karl, Asset Management Senior Associate Kelly, Director of Finance Julie and Private Capital Markets Group Senior Associate Rose. Once again, their setup of choice was the white backdrop at their office.

Professional business headshot

When getting ready for their portrait, I have clients ask if they should wear their glasses or not. Many are concerned that they will have reflections of light cast on their lenses or prefer how they look with or without them. First, there will be no issues with light reflection in your lenses as we correct our lighting to you for each portrait. Second, our rule of thumb for if you should wear your glasses is this: If you wear them more than half of the time, you should absolutely wear them because this is how clients and co-workers will see you the most, and it is best to represent your everyday norm.

Professional business headshot with glasses

If you are still unsure, we can take a few photos to see how they read on camera, and you can decide how to proceed.

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