How to Choose Your Corporate Headshot for Retouching

Corporate headshot photographers

On Thursday, our corporate headshot photographer made his way back to Greybrook Realty Partners Toronto office to take headshots of three more employees. This is the seventh time we have worked with Greybrook, and as per usual, they were a pleasure to work with. During this trip, we photographed their Private Capital Markets Vice president Barry, Senior Associate Dylan and their Asset Management Vice President Justina against their setup of choice of a white backdrop at their office.

When choosing your final images to be processed, you may be wondering what makes a good business portrait? Here is our quick list of things to look for in a great business portrait:

  • Do you look comfortable? This includes both your expression and posing.
  • Do you have a clear expression, and is it positive and appropriate for your industry?
  • Is your hair in place?
  • Is your clothing sitting correctly?
  • Do you like the way it looks?

If you answer yes to all of these, it means it’s a great contender to be selected for processing. During processing, we further polish your image through retouching and cropping. Our standard editing package is complimentary with each image purchased. Additional editing is an available add-on for those who really love images with more major flaws (limb or head replacement, clothing changes, hair colour changes, etc.). If you are having a tough time choosing between a few and would like to order additional images, this is available as a package add on for $41.98 per image, which includes processing and the high-resolution file.

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