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Corporate Headshot Photographer at Greybrook Office

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Professional corporate headshot photographer

On Thursday, our corporate headshot photographer headed back to the Greybrook Realty Partners Toronto office location to photograph their Asset Management Associate, Ziad, against a white backdrop. This is the same setup as last time. Our specially developed equipment and technique allow us to photograph on different days and still produce highly consistent results. You can take a look at our previous shoot with Greybrook back on January 11th.

Figuring out what to wear for your images can be daunting, we provide you with a quick how to prepare guide to get you started, you will receive this with your booking confirmation, this goes over a list of how to choose your outfit. Something to consider on the flip side and to narrow down your options is to determine what not to wear for your portrait.

To start, don’t over or under dress according to your industry standard. Make sure you are in line with what is expected. If your standard is business casual, going all out with a three-piece suit may be a bit much and give off the wrong vibe.

Second, avoid clothing pieces that are too big or too small. Many get caught up on what the label size is as a psychological factor. Do not wear something just because the label says its “your size”. Avoid items that don’t drape correctly, are pulling at buttons, or creasing horizontally. On the opposite end of the spectrum wearing oversized, excessively baggy items tend to look very overwhelming, causing you to get lost in the image so avoid garments that are too big as well.

Third, avoid very loud prints and repeating stripes. These can read poorly on camera and overwhelm your image. In addition, some plaids, small houndstooth and pinstripes cause a moire effect which can be an issue down the road. Particularly if an unskilled graphic designer resizes the image for web or print incorrectly. You will not see this when you are given your original download because we correct for this effect in various resolutions and crop sizes, but we do note a majority of web design services, and graphic designers struggle immensely to do the same. Avoid this headache altogether and stick with solids or low contrast patterns.

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