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Should You Smile for Your Professional Corporate Portraits?

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Professional corporate portraits

On Friday, our headshot photographers headed to Greybrook Realty Partners Toronto office to take headshots for two of their employees, Greybrook Securities Partner & Greybrook Capital CEO, Sasha and their Asset Management Senior Associate Jordan. Their setup of choice was the on-location white backdrop, one of our most popular options.

For corporate portraits, a common dilemma our clients have is whether they want to smile for their portrait. To help alleviate this concern, we give you numerous options, both smiling and straight-faced to choose from. During your portrait session, we encourage you to look through your images to determine which you prefer more. If you have a strong preferring for smiling or not smiling, we will focus on that particular look.

When selecting your final image and going into your portrait session, we encourage you to look at what others in your industry have done and to reflect on where the images will be used and how approachable you want to appear. For some sectors such as legal, you may want a more stoic appearance in your images for others such as real estate you may want to look approachable and jovial.

At any point, if you are unsure, feel free to ask your photographer. Each of our professional photographers is trained and well versed in what is most common for a variety of industries whether it’s financial, real estate, marketing, banking, legal, medical or even geared to small business.

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