Is it Okay to Wear Black for Your Office Headshots?

Professional corporate photography

In the world of corporate success, your visual brand is as crucial as your professional reputation. At, we understand that a headshot is a first introduction to your clients and peers. During a recent visit to Greybrook Realty Partners, we captured their Executive Director, a personification of professionalism against a stark white backdrop. This choice of attire is often met with hesitation. Can black be worn without losing the subject's definition in a headshot?

Contrary to common concerns, black is a colour of power and formality, perfectly acceptable for professional headshots. Our advanced lighting techniques are designed to counteract any loss of definition. This ensures that black and other strong colors like dark greys and deep blues stand out with the depth and distinction required for a corporate setting.

At, we are adept at creating a portrait experience that highlights your unique professional identity, ensuring that you, like the trailblazing leaders at Greybrook, are captured with all the gravitas and presence you bring to your role. Our photographers are masters of their craft, skilled in drawing out the richness of darker hues to convey the strength and character they embody.

The session with Greybrook's Executive Director was more than just a photograph; it was a statement. A declaration that they, and by extension, you, are ready to lead confidently and make an indelible mark in your field.