Is it Okay to Wear Black for Your Office Headshots?

Professional corporate photography

On Wednesday, our corporate photographer headed back to Greybrook Realty Partners Toronto office to photograph three more employees, their President Chris, Strategy & Corporate Development Executive Director Sarah and Asset Management Executive Director Greg. As a continuation of our three past visits, the setup of choice was the white backdrop at their office. For Greg, a blurred in-office portrait was added to the package.

Professional office headshots

When choosing what to wear, a common inquiry is asking if black is okay to wear. Many are worried that they will lose definition or have blob-like-looking bodies. We can assure you that it is totally fine to wear black for your portrait. With our lighting technique, you won’t lose definition; with other service providers, this would be a genuine concern due to lighting capacity. All of our photographers are highly skilled and have no issues with what colour you wear. Black is an excellent choice when looking for something clean and professional; it carries a lot of strength and is a clear classic. Dark greys and inky blue suiting are also excellent when narrowing down your clothing choices.

Office corporate photography

Toronto office headshot

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