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Headshots Photographer in Toronto & Advantages of Home Location

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Toronto headshots photographer

On Friday our professional photographer went to the Toronto home of Shaan, a Metrolinx Enterprise Risk Manager to take some business headshots. His preferred set up for this photoshoot was the white backdrop.

The option to have your photos taken at home offers a major advantage for some of the busiest professionals. When at home you are in a comfortable and familiar environment which makes it easier to get images where you look your best. I find that when someone is particularly camera shy having images done at home rather than outside or at a crowded office creates a significant advantage in the confidence displayed in the images. In addition, we strive to move through the process quickly and efficiently, so you aren’t left feeling stiff or uncomfortable. We know that most people really don’t want to be in front of the camera for hours on end and we have adapted our methods which allows us to beat the results of an hours-long headshot sitting in about 5 minutes.

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