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Last Thursday, our professional headshot photographer headed to Shelly's Toronto office to take her picture. Shelly is a Doctor specializing in Neurology at SickKids Hospital. Shelly selected the ultramarine colour backdrop with a gradient lighting setup, and we love how it matches her glasses. It was truly a pleasure to work with her!

The ultramarine gradient looks fantastic and gives a calm, professional and knowledgeable appearance. This is an excellent choice for anyone who is in the medical field. It is also great to alternate the ultramarine backdrop with basic lighting. The gradient effect gives the image more depth, and the gradient or ombre background effect is on-trend.

To book your portrait to look like Shelly's, select your choice of location, and choose the colour (gradient lighting) option. Then, review the background colours we offer, and when booking, make a note of your selected colour.

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