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Wardrobe Styling Consultation for Your Business Portrait

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Wardrobe styling consultation

What to wear and what not to wear is the most common question we receive when our customers prepare for their headshot. You want your corporate portrait to look appropriate but also stand out. Here are a few starter questions to lead you down the right path for your industry:
What is the goal of your portrait? Is it for marketing materials, for a resume, or a website? Are you targeting a specific audience and what would they expect you to wear if you were meeting them in a professional setting?
What would you normally wear to work or work functions?
What colours suit you the best? If you are going to pick anything other than neutrals, make sure the tones suit the undertones of your skin and that it does not wash you out.
What colour is the background you have chosen? Avoid wearing the exact same colour to prevent the dreaded floating head effect.
If you have a few outfits narrowed down, what fits best? For your portrait it is not time to be focused on the size of the garment, it is important that it fits appropriately and is neither too big or too small.
Once your appointment is confirmed through our booking page you will receive our ‘how to prepare guide’, this will have further tips and tricks.
At the start of your appointment, we can test out one or two outfits in front of the camera to determine which is best. However, if you would like to have your business portrait done with different outfits, this is possible with an additional outfit add on.

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